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FUTIOHA Serving A Higher Purpose-About FUTIOHA

FUTIOHA exists for the purpose of providing a way for businesses and entrepreneurs to generate funding for their “pet projects” without having to depend logistically on dense populations and being susceptible to crowded cities.

FUTIOHA is the culmination of like minds networked together from over 30 years of trusted fulfillment in different areas of business and services.

FUTIOHA specializes in providing cutting edge digital infrastructure for businesses such as online presence with CRM integration, graphic design and marketing bundle. When applicable the setup will also include shopping cart management and warehousing. Through FUTIOHA and our partners, we are able to provide any custom suite of business services to manage and grow your business. FUTIOHA also extends its specialty into the residential market providing cutting edge services in renewable energy sector via Solar Panel Home Systems and Concrete Construction through our partner network.

Jack of All Merchandise

JAM specializes in anything e-commerce and is launching a mentorship e-comm & wholesale club that is designed to take anyone from zero to 6 figures within 90 days!

Solar Power Home Systems

This is our gift to American Homeowners. Let me explain; we will help the homeowners become independent from their local electric Utility company and we will pay for a whole year on their Solar Panels as well!

Texas Concrete Architects

Texas Concrete Architects specializes in residential driveways, decorative concrete builds and stamping along with commercial paving and parking lots. This is a new company coming together with older highly experienced contractors and skilled concrete artists.

2017 FUTIOHA is created as a home improvement website quickly getting established in preserving energy through high grade windows and solar panels. By middle of the year futioha ads water softeners and did a lot of the home prospecting door to door.

By the end of 2017 and all through 2018 FUTIOHA specializes in life insurance to help homeowners with Mortgage Protection.


2019 was our year to enter into the virtual home office space. Was it a sign of things to come or just a coincidence? For FUTIOHA, 2019 gave us many challenges that allowed us to learn some really powerful methods of business development without being limited to a geographical location.


Well we all know how 2020 has gone. It has been a very sad year for many. The lesson learned for us is that there must be more purpose for what we do besides finances and making a living. For FUTIOHA its the awakening to the fact that God is coming soon and we can either be part of the Loud Cry or part of the gnashing of teeth wishing that we had done things differently! As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord!


Renewed hope for the future not because things are going to get better or easier although they may for a very short time, but knowing that Bible prophecy is true meaning eternity is right around the corner and the fact that we woke up this morning means we can give our life to our Savior today and ask Him to use us to bless someone else with the great news of the Inheritance that was bought and paid for on their behalf! In the mean time, we can help you liberate from the time clock and live life with meaning and hope!

We are not your usual company and if you’re ok with that, we are looking for unusual clients and strange partners, but with caring hearts and ethical practice.

Join us on our Journey to The Promised Land!

Join Us on Our Journey


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